Thursday, May 19, 2011

What is that smell?

Does anybody have a dog that whines for no reason? I have a 95lb german shepherd/ black lab mix that enjoys to just randomly whine occasionally…ok a little more than occasional…like any day I don’t take him to the dog park. I cannot blame him because he IS a puppy and DOES have a lot of energy, but today and yesterday were definite no dog park days. It has been raining and hailing in Denver for two days now…and is supposed to keep up until Tuesday! 

I figured his whining would be the same as any other day, just his pent up energy…but boy was I wrong. I am working on items for my etsy shop in our spare bedroom (that is not really “spare” anymore…I must admit) and he is not allowed in that room. He sat outside of the door and continued to whine whine whine… I take a break to get a glass of water and notice this awful smell. The kind of awful that makes you not want to take another step because you are scared about what is around that corner. As I continue to walk towards the smell I find the source. A gargantuan pile of dog diarrhea….not one…not two…a total of 3 separate piles across the living room carpet.
Being 8 months pregnant, bleach was out of the question…and I knew the pet stain removal would not do the trick on these piles. I frantically look for my “Real Simple,” magazine from April that discussed cleaning tricks around the house and someone swore that white vinegar is the almighty carpet cleaner.  I must say, thank you Real Simple because the carpet looks flawless! I will now use white vinegar on any carpet stain and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a carpet fix :]
In light of the rainy days we are having here in Denver, I have made a coupon code to receive 20% off my etsy shop over the next few days.  You can check it out at!
What do you use to clean your place? Any horrid carpet stories out there??
Thanks for reading!

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