Monday, May 23, 2011

Handmade Father's Day and Patriotic Sampler Boxes

Happy Monday everyone!!

I wanted to spread the word about "Out of the Box Sampler," today! This is a fantastic opportunity for handmade buyers and sellers alike. As a buyer, you purchase a box from  and you receive oodles of samples from Handmade sellers from all over.These can range from soaps, candles, wickless candles, delicious edibles and so much more. The best part is that they do show you each months box sponsors on their website so you know what kind of samples you will be getting. Don't be fooled by the word "sample," as these gifts do offer a generous amount of product to you at an affordable cost and often have discounts towards the shops as well.

I know father's day is right around the corner and there is a "Father's Day" themed box available for June, but that does not mean you cannot pamper yourself with an array of gifts as well. We all know if you cannot be happy, then how can everyone around you be happy?

The month of June's theme is "Perfectly Patriotic" and there is also a "Father's Day" themed box, so you do have choices!

I will be submitting 25 samples to go in 25 boxes for the month of June's "Perfectly Patriotic" box...but I won't tell you what I am sending in ;p

Stay tuned to as they start to release the June box sponsors and sell dates!

[I currently have a 50% off deal on my 11oz soy tumbler set of 6 in my shop at the moment because I am discontinuing the glass tumblers. This is the perfect time to load up on several fragrances or all citronella candles if you find yourself outdoors often with that not so friendly visitor..the mosquito! Did I mention you can reuse these tumblers when you are done with the candle? You can view the listing here.]

-Have a great day!-

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  1. Thanks for posting about the Out Of The Box Sampler. I'm so excited to have Wickedly Clean in our June boxes and look forward to promoting your business with the OOTBS Etsy team too!