Saturday, May 14, 2011

Does your foot have to be in my ribcage?

Does your foot have to be in my rib cage right now?! 31 weeks and counting….
I have a new respect for moms now. 31 weeks pregnant with my first and the constant kicking, punching, jabbing, rolling in my belly sure is an uncomfortable distraction throughout the day. I know my respect for mothers across the world is only going to grow since the journey has barely begun, but wow…she really does take away my breathe already with her strength.  I guess I should be relieved because I am 6’1 making my abdomen rather long. Most people cannot tell I am pregnant or they guess that I am at month 4 or 5. The catch 22 is that she has consistently been 3-4 inches longer than the “average” baby each time she is checked…so whether I look it or not..I am still feeling it!

It is right at the moment when I want to take a break so I sit down…then KER-POW jab to the side…a little rollover…comes swinging around. Back to walking around the house I go with hopes that she will fall asleep. If anyone has some suggestions on what you did to relax your growing baby…please speak up!

Now that I am not working outside of the house, it was rather exciting to have more time to dedicate to Wickedly Clean my shop on etsy.  Today was the day to take pictures of products so I could replace the not so appealing ones I currently have listed…however that turned out to be rather disastrous. After spending a good amount of time taking the pictures…I transfer them to my computer…then give the camera back to my friend since it was hers…after she left I organized all of the pictures in appropriate folders in preparation to load them online and bam! My computer could not locate the image files… so back to square one with this process once she gets back home.  I apologize candles, lip balm, make up and soaps…the world does not know how truly beautiful you are yet…but I promise we will work on this over the next few days. Until then, I do appreciate your company…but please refrain from getting too comfortable with one another as I hope to find you new homes soon.
Until next time - Liz

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  1. Welcome to blogging! Your first follower from the EBT.

    Sounds like you have an active little one in there : )

    Hope you drop by and say hello: