Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday Madness

Monday Madness [Share one of your crazy day stories so we can laugh together!]

Sunday is usually the day to relax….but not this past one. Denver had 4 days of rain…hail…and even snow. Being a state that has been so dry for years, this was almost unheard of! Usually it would be something to be grateful for…but not so much when you have a tree and landscaping company. You cannot climb trees when its hailing outside…you cannot dig trenches…you cannot aerate or mow lawns….no retaining walls…no fences…which means everything gets pushed back and of course every customer wants it done NOW. So Sunday rolls along…and it proved to be a full work day since it was the first dry day….which takes me to Monday.

*Day starts at 6:45am
*First landscaping call at 8:00am
*Second call at 8:20am
*OB appointment 10:00am
-I arrive at 9:40am… She doesn’t see me till 10:45am…as I am staring at the sign in the lobby that says, “Please notify us if you have been waiting for more than 15 minutes…” I decide to patiently wait.
-She scheduled an ultrasound for 2 weeks from now…I’m thinking, “Great!...on second thought..I thought there was not supposed to be another one..is everything ok?”
*Drive 45 minutes to candle supply warehouse for some orders that need to be shipped today.
*Qwest technician to come between 12-5pm
*4 more phone calls…
*Qwest technician arrives and wants to charge $100 for service that was not previously explained…no thanks!
*4pm…and still have not made it to the post office…candle wax is still curing!
*4:45pm printer needs ink!!
*5:25pm arrival at post office with 5 minutes to spare..thinks to self.. “I MADE IT! WOO HOO”
*5:50pm grocery store…..
*6:20pm…at checkout line at grocery store and customer calls refusing a call back…”must speak NOW.”
*7:00pm…call 6 customers to put on schedule
*7:30pm…Stomach grumbles…
*8:45pm…Israel finally gets home…we can EAT!
*9:25pm…Desperate housewives…my mother recently influenced me to watch this…thank you mom.
*10:00pm Out like a rock

Tuesday morning…
Israel calls asking me to run him some 10w-30 oil for his chainsaw…as I am pulling out of the driveway I hear CRASH THUD THUD THUD…so I get out of the car to check the driveway…and I see the trash barrel under my right wheel…

Everyone has done this before…you know…you look left..look right…hop in the car…pull forward…get out of car…look left…look right…no neighbors..WAHOO…quietly put trash can back in right place….continue your day and hope no one saw you :] 

I am still laughing at the past 48 hours! How was your Monday everyone? 

Happily able to finally post some of my mineral make up products on etsy...wahoo :]


  1. Mondays are never good! I work night shift in a factory, so my Mondays start at 9:30 Sunday night when the alarm sounds!
    Glad to hear I'm not the only one with hectic Mondays :) Fun post :)

  2. I have been having a battle royal with my printer today (mechanical..not human!)It is being SUCH a butthead that sometimes I think it IS a bit human! I have backed over several things myself..luckily none living..the rake did the most damage..except that time I backed my car into my husband's truck..ouch! I just took a seat on the retaining wall and bawled like a baby until the kids went and squealed on me to my husband!