Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Etsy Shop Sales - Check them out!

Yesterday I briefly featured my 45% off sale for my etsy shop which I extended for another day and today I wanted to help promote some fellow sellers with lovely items across the board that are having their own shop sale.

First Stop: 50% OFF DCREATED 
[Handmade quality baby items and purses]
This weekend bag is a generous size and has so many pockets so your not scrambling for your items! 

Check out this six piece baby gift set! 
Did I mention you can get the whole package for $12.50 with her current sale? 
Soft as can be - these handmade wash clothes can make your life easier without harming the little one!

Second Stop: 60% OFF SALE BestArtStudios2
[Original Paintings! Abstract - Landscape - Comic]
"I love you, do you love me"
Abstract Tree Painting - GORGEOUS! 
Tree Landscape

Third Stop: Doodlebirdie 
Add some nature to your room with this chic apothecary terrarium!!

Fourth Stop: 10% OFF Styren Designs
[Wood Craft Items For Him and Her]
Recycled Wine Cork Decor! 
Handmade Maple Earing Holder - Boy would this save me money on jewelry in the long run...!

- Liz


  1. Thank You So Much Liv For Featuring My Shop D.Created.